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OurTowns Free Tools for Users

Downloading the free OurTowns app, gives you access to the full suite of free OurTowns tools conveniently on your device! In this guide you'll find out what tools are available and how they can help you. 


Development Analytics Overview

Looking to find out more about your local development sites or if your property is subdividable? Click below to read up on how you can do this with OurTowns Development Analytics!


Property Validation Overview

Looking for a competative edge for selling, listing and marketing your property? Click below to read up on the advantages of using an OurTowns Property Validation!


Community Analytics Overview

Connect with your community and gain valuable insight into your community's unique features and trends with OurTowns Community Analytics. Click below to find out more about using OurTowns Community Analyitcs!


Marketing & Events Guides


Coming Soon: Marketing Hacks

By understanding your local market with Community Analytics you can create a clear strategy that builds meaningful relationships with your customers and gives you a unique selling point. In this guide we discuss some quick tips to elevate your marketing.



Marketing Calendars

Meaningful marketing is key to the sucess of a business. Our Marketing Calendars provide you with the foundations to build a basic marketing strategy that is clear and engages with your local market. Click below to download the OurTowns template Marketing Calendar.


Coming Soon: Event Hacks

Engaging events are a corner stone to a healthy, active and sucessful community. In this guide we discuss how you can easily host a community event to showcase your suburb and draw visitors to the location. 



Coming Soon: Events Calendars

Event Calendars are a great tool for marketing your community and its events. It also helps punters to stay updated on and connected to these community's events. If you would like to add your community's events to the OurTowns events directory, please download and fillout the OurTowns Events Calendar below and send it to us here.



Small Business Guides


Westside Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity refers to maintaining business functions or quickly resuming them in the event of a major disruption. In this guide Westside discusses how you can put together a plan-of-action to assist you and your business in getting back to normal.


Westside Risk Management Tips

Risk management is a fundamental part of every business and creating a risk management plan is just as essential to a start-up's success as targeting the right audience or designing the right products. If you're a start-up, click below for some key risk management tips.


Real Estate Accounts


OurTowns Real Estate Agency Accounts

Full overview of the feautres and benifits of an OurTowns Agency Account. Contact us here to request more information.