About Property Reports

OurTowns Property Reports

Where do you live and why is it important to you? 

What do you love about your suburb?

If you were to move what do you want to know about your property and its location?

Are you looking for a house, apartment, development site, good local schools or just good coffee?

OurTowns Property Reports give you real time intel analytics and connections to fully immerse yourself in your local community, understand potential development sites and help get you Future Ready.



Development Analytics


"The best way of understanding the development sites and opportunities available in Western Australia." 

OurTowns Development Analytics Reports give you immediate insight into a Western Australian residental property's development opportunites as well as results on it's R Code, Title, block size, use and more.

These reports save users money and time, compared to doing tradition development analytics research.

Click below for an example Development Analytics Report.


Property Validation 

OurTowns Property Validation Reports help you best understand the given property and its surrounding community's unique features. It is the optimum due diligence tool and a great platform to help you make your property Future Ready.

These reports measure and validate the property against 7 indices to provide a holistic assessment. 

Run an OurTowns Property Validation Report and complete our Future Ready Questionaire to find out if your property is ready to keep up with the future! 

Western Australian properties will recieve a free Development Analytics Report with their Property Validation.

Click below for an example Property Validation Report


Community Analytics

OurTowns Community Analytics are trusted, independant community guides that give you insight into the entire subject community, its trends and its unique point of difference. 

It is important for community activation groups and high streets to identify their uniqueness to successfully market and curate their locations. We offer complementary Community Analytics Reports for non-profit community groups on request here.

Click below for an example Community Analytics Report.