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Development Analytics will give you instant access to live data about the property, including current R-Codes, block size, the development potential, property title and more!

Property Validation gives you a competitive edge when marketing, selling or listing your property by showing your potential purchasers or renters the property’s unique features and selling points.

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Want to find out more about a community and how well it rates? Get an OurTowns Community Analytics Report to receive the suburb’s community analytics and a rating on Transport, Community and Nature.

Start your search by heading to the Get a Property Report page and entering a suburb or address in the address bar.

It’s important for community leaders and high streets to identify their uniqueness to successfully market and curate their locations. We offer complementarity Community Analytics Reports for non-profit community groups. If you are a non-profit community group, contact us to register your interest.

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Future Ready

Is your property ready to keep up with the future?

Want to know how you can improve your property for both embodied and operational outcome and increase its value?

Run an OurTowns Property Validation Report and complete our Future Ready Questionnaire to find out!

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Access our calculators for your benefit to determine stamp duty, mortgage costs and development potential.

Download our suite of complimentary reference guides. Designed for easy reading: R Codes explained, and Future living embodied and operational guide.

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